hearing loop

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Of the three types of Assistive Listening technologies, Hearing Loops are the most versatile with installations ranging from large theaters or churches to one-on-one communication counters to transient environments such as airports, buses, or trams.

At the push of a button a person's T-coil equipped hearing aid becomes a receiver, connecting them with businesses, church, and entertainment. The user benefits by hearing clear, direct, amplified sound tailored to their own hearing loss, enhanced by elimination of background noise and acoustical space.

Assistive listening is a great way to increase and promote a customer's commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Hearing loss effects 1 out of 6 persons in the United States. Providing fair, high quality service to this large and growing segment of the population is becoming a high priority for many service providers, public organizations, and communities.

Persons with hearing loss are increasingly aware of the technology available to assist them, increasing end user demand for superior assistive listing solutions wherever they go. Why do users and venues alike prefer Hearing Loops?

  • Ease of use; with T-coil, no receiver or headphones
  • Sound quality; direct, utilizes individuals device correction
  • A discrete solution for the user
  • Use in transportation; other transient environment
  • Low maintenance, lowest long term cost
  • Meets ADA requirements

With knowledge from audio, AV, and related industries, experience measured in decades, the principals of SenseArt Solutions, LLC are now focusing on the art of Assistive Listening Technologies, with an emphasis on Hearing Loops.

SenseArt Solutions was formed with a genuine desire for helping individuals with hearing loss.

We work with organizations to help them achieve ADA audio compliance while enhancing communication and user experiences.

SenseArt Solutions is factory certified by leading industry manufacturers in the specification, design, sales, testing, and commissioning of their products. 

SenseArt Solutions designs systems to meet industry standards and legal requirements. We can help with all of your Assistive Listening needs, as well as Audio or AV System consulting, problem solving and third party commissioning.