hearing loop

A message from our founder....

My entire life and career has been based in audio; I was blessed with an amazing set of ears and an appreciation for all that I can hear. Early on when mixing for bands, I had always hoped that one of them would make it and take me with them, so I could be a part of bringing the joy of entertainment to the greatest amount of people.

Fast forward many years to a point where my Dad is struggling with hearing loss. At a point in my life when I wanted to share so much with him, communication was becoming difficult at best. Hearing aids alone weren't doing it. Soon he was not going to church, not getting on the phone, not going to the movies, and not participating in family get-togethers. He was there, but couldn't really hear.

With hearing at the center of my life it was difficult to understand what that must be like for him. There had to be something that could be done. So with our knowledge of audio, my brother and I went to several of Dad's hearing aid appointments to work a few tweaks into the adjustments. I then began to research. I found an article in a trade magazine about audio induction loops. Fascinated, I continued my research.

Soon Dad was turning 90 and we planned a big party for him. A slide show was assembled and my brother was going to narrate, but how will Dad hear it? We assembled a crude audio loop in the room and input a couple wireless mics. Before presentations, I saw he was sitting at a table about 35 feet away in this ambient room filled with screaming great grandkids...and he was loading film into his camera. I grabbed a mic and jokingly said, “don't drop it!” Without looking up, he immediately responded, “I won't!” That was it! It didn't take long to decide what I wanted to do.

Today, SenseArt Solutions is proud to be helping those with hearing loss by restoring access to audio in their lives through Hearing Loops. We specialize in assistive listening systems and technology. As a company, we serve as advocates and have joined the Hearing Loss Association of America. Our staff is currently enrolled in Hearing Loss Support Specialist training to better understand the social, psychological, and organic aspects of hearing loss. We strive to educate others along the way. We are determined to assist as many companies and organizations as possible in becoming ADA audio compliant. We only install and certify loops that meet international standards and which provide a real benefit to the end user.

Our ultimate goal is to partner with market leading organizations and communities who share this vision and wish to serve as a catalyst to bring about change. By effectively planning large scale deployments of hearing assistance, we will have helped the greatest amount of people with hearing loss to simply live and enjoy their lives.

Someday I'm pretty sure I will be among the 47 million with hearing loss and when that day comes I want to be able to drop new batteries in my hearing aids, head out to dinner, take in a movie, and the entire time...be in the loop!


Gary Koester

President and Founding Member

SenseArt Solutions, LLC